Saturday, 6 June 2015

things you didn't need to know #1


here are some things that you will  never find helpful unless you want to know a bunch of useless knowledge.

you walk past around 7 psychopaths a day

cows have best friends.
Caption : Holstein dairy cows in a field in Sauk County, WI.

the new York times predicted that TV would fail because no onehad time to stare at a screen


cherries can cause cancer cells to commit suicide.


mark zukerberg says Facebook will never have a dislike button because he thinks it would be bad for the world.

Dislike Button 1 of 9

In their dreams blind people can see in black and white.

Beats by dre take only $14 to make they can costs up to $450

About  10,000,000  people have the same birthday has you.

You are still a good parent even if you don’t have time to make 15 ...

nearly all country flags have the colors red or blue in them.

based on a psychological study a crush lasts around 4 months any longer and you're in love


Thank you for reading i hope you learned something useless ;) xxx