Sunday, 5 July 2015

Doctor who fan art and pictures

These are some of my favourite doctor who pictures and fan art.I don't own anything but i do enjoy them all.ENJOY!!!.(theses are all of the eleventh doctor i might do a tenth or ninthdoctor one tell me what you think)i got all of these on google images so if this is your piece of art I'm very sorry i don't have you tagged.


2. the darker side of the doctor

 3.if you made this you are amazing

4.faceless doctor 
5.optimistic dreamer

6.just the doctor

 7.This is amazing
                             8.and so is this

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Pretty little liars book review

Recently i have read the first book in the pll (pretty little liars )  book series.I have been told its a lot different then the popular tv series

Appearance wise emily has reds hair instead of brown and spencer older sister has blond hair so threes small little tweaks of appearance.

Up to the very last chapter of the book the liars arn't exactly close friends other than small conversations, definitely they are much closer in the tv show .

 Overall I loved this book.It was gripping and full of suspense although for some bits nothing overly exciting was happening I was still wondering what was going to happen next.I am definitely going to get the next book and i would recommend it for sure.i think samara shepard wrote this book very well .

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